1. Gambling can be habit-forming, and we urge you to play only with the cash you can bear to lose. To ensure you partake in our games in a mindful and engaging manner you have the option of self-exclusion.
  2. If you sense that you may have a problem with gambling and want assistance in overcoming your dependency, or need more knowledge in gambling responsibly, please go to the Responsible Gaming tab of our website, we have several resources that can help you. You may also reach out to or support team who are more than willing to assist.
  3. In case You are identified with a playing dependency or want to avoid playing for any reason, we want to help you avoid anything that may not be beneficial for you. “Self-Exclusion” is to “Ban” yourself from gambling, out of Your own volition, from all our playing offerings. This exclusion will be permanent and takes effect after you ask us to ban your account. If you want to self-exclude yourself, please get in touch with our customer service group through email. Our Team will walk you through the process. Again, please bear in mind if Self exclusion is permanent, for your own protection it will not be reversed. To self-exclude means to stop betting or gaming on our site, you will also not be allowed to create a new Account.
  4. In order to start this process, please email our customer service at [email protected] with the subject “Self-exclusion”. Details of your account will be required and will take effect once you receive a confirmation email at the email address used to register your account only and will include the date of effectivity. You will have to withdraw any balance in your account, you will no longer be able to deposit funds into that account once Self-exclusion takes effect; Self-exclusion is permanent.
  5. We will use our best efforts to make sure that if you have requested self-exclusion, you will no longer be able to create a new account with us or any other website operated under the same license. If we are able to verify that you are able to open a new account, we will block that account and confiscate your winnings. Whether on the same or on any other website operated by us.
  6. The law excludes people below the age of 21 from opening an account or to gamble on our website. Please be aware that anyone using or gambling on our site and is proven to be below the age of 21 will be “banned” and will have any of their winnings confiscated and additionally can be reported to the authorities.
  7. Guardians or parents may also look into the use of FILTERING SYSTEMS that can control access to certain sites including Gaming Sites. Assuming you share your PC with others who are under the Legal Age, we suggest this option. (Please see below for details)
  8. We are devoted to assisting and promoting Responsible Gambling projects and we ask you to seek more knowledge about this, one resource is the Responsible Gaming Foundation